Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Poor Baby

Back at Children's - Sunday morning Michael started running a low fever and had a minor cough so we decided to start treating it with Tylenol and keeping him home so that he wouldn't get any worse. Tuesday his fever spiked to 103, he started shivering then turned purple on his hands and feet and then he passed out. I called the ambulance and on the way to Children's his fever spiked higher to 104.9. Once we were in the ER he slept comfortably on my chest but again started to feel hot. At this point his fever had gone up to 105.3. There was originally talk from the paramedics that he may have had a seizure from the fever at home because we had described the shivering. The doctors and cardiologist at Children's feel confident that it was not a seizure and that this little guy was just really sick. I agree.

We were admitted shortly after we arrived so that they could monitor Michaels rhythm for the night. The next morning lo and behold - I got sick. Jaron came to switch me and it snowballed from there. I got worse - then Michael got worse. He is still having episodes where his fever spikes to 104-105 and then his limbs turn purple and they don't know why. The x-rays show signs of bacterial pneumonia so he is being treated with antibiotic and fluids. He can only drink apple juice and water (and that with the antibiotic you can only imagine how sore is bum is). He's been trying crackers and snacks but he is so exhausted he hasn't stayed awake long enough to finish a whole lot.

Michael is also not too fond of his crib. Because he is so tall we need to put the rail to the top and then bring down the plastic curtain. It's a pretty sad cage - lol. Every time Jaron has tried laying him down he cries so the whole time he's been in Jarons arms in a pretty interesting recliner. They're not too bad if you don't have to stay sitting in them for 48 hrs straight. Jaron can let you know that once you reach 48 hrs you'd rather sit anywhere but there.

We've had some amazing family and friends helping us this week. Jarons mom and brother and sister have gone to relieve him of his duties (if Michael permits) and they've been supplying him lunches. My mom also stayed the night last night so Jaron could sleep at home which was a dream come true for him lol. It was pretty funny watching him lay down. He's still not out of be this morning.

Michaels Cardiologist went by the room with an update. His echo was good and his heart is the same as last month so there is no worry right now about this effecting his heart. His left lung is the thing giving him his troubles. His left lung is what is holding the bacterial pneumonia and is also barely able to pump any air. He is on heated high flow oxygen and doesn't seem to mind until his nose is being wiped. They are expecting to keep him for the next couple days to see if his left lung improves. I have yet to see my baby except over Skype on our phones. He hugs the phone and gives it kisses when he sees my face. I love this little man and cannot wait to be able to hold him and comfort him. I miss my baby so much.

Thank you for everyone's help and support through this week. It is not my favorite time but it's definitely not the worst of times. Heart Hugs and Kisses from you Cardiac baby and Fam. We love you all.

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