Thursday, April 26, 2012

Man Time

Bryt is with Zoey today so me and Mike had some man time. We watched football and threw back a few cold ones. The nurses didn't really approve, but I wanted to show him a good time while his mom wasn't around. We were having a blast! This is him after his first 3 ounces, I couldn't get him to stop laughing.
I'm kidding of course.. He's not old enough to follow a football game! This is him after the second 3 ounces.
Totally wasted! He couldn't even hold a conversation. 

Joking aside, he is doing pretty good today. He had some arrhythmia most of the night, which is a bit scary.  They upped his meds and he has been in a good sinus rhythm for the last 2-3 hours. They think it was just from the transition to oral and there was a little gap in his anti-arrhythmic coverage. He was smiling and making all these goofy faces this morning, but every time I tried to get a pic he made some movement and I got a ridiculous photo. 
I don't have much to write today. This is just a slow process and everyone wants to make sure he is not going to give us a scare. I think Bryt and I are both getting worn out, we can't wait for next week when Zoey can come with us to meet him. Today it was just me and him and I got to hold him for a couple hours. He is starting to look like a little human, he is looking around and kicking and arching and trying to roll. I think he is doing really good. Here are some more pics.

And then this one for the ladies...
I am so proud of my little soldier. He is doing awesome!

Our Sunshine

Michael is still doing awesome! He is down to 2 liters of oxygen and a smaller amount of his cardiac medicine. He is almost ready to start taking a bottle again. Bryt and I both got to hold him today. We are almost to the point where we can hold him at will and get him ourselves. He still has the scalp IV and the picc line, but he is slowly getting things removed each day. This is a much slower recovery then the first week after surgery, and everyone wants to make sure he is not going to give us another scare.  The doctors are still surprised by him everyday, they can't believe how well he is doing.
We can't wait for him to meet Zoey. She has been so amazing through this whole thing. I love her so much. I can't believe what we are putting these kids through. She hasn't had a 'normal' day in a month. We are trying to keep it as normal as possible for her, but I think she can tell we are both getting worn out. Every day we have to drop her off somewhere and she is always so good. She will cry for a little bit, but she is a little adventurer and get's distracted fairly easily.  We both miss her and are trying to be with her as much as possible. We are so excited for her to finally meet Michael. I just imagine them sitting in the back playing with each other in their car seats. I am so glad she is so forgiving and full of love. It really makes this whole experience so much easier. I woke up around 2:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so I did this painting of my wonderful little girl.
When she is old enough to read this, I want her to know that we all went through this together, and Bryttney and I love her more than she will ever know.  Thank you for being so patient with us Zo! We love you! Everyone is begging to take care of you! You are so incredibly wonderful!