Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blood Transfusion

Michael is still doing pretty good today. His red blood count was starting to get pretty low so they started doing a bunch of tests on him again. We got here this morning and the nurse told us radiology was on their way up to do an ultrasound on his head. Not the best news to hear, we both got a little scared. It seems like every time things are looking good something else starts to go wrong. Luckily the head ultrasound was good, it looks like he is not bleeding anywhere in his head. It was a nice quick scan.  They also did some tests to make sure he didn't have any infections anywhere. That came back negative as well.  Then they started thinking it might have just been from all the blood draws over the last month, and maybe he just needed a little extra blood.
They started a blood transfusion early this afternoon. It was a little weird to see him hooked up to a pump of blood. He tolerated it quite well though. His numbers started going up and he started looking way better about half way through the transfusion.  It was kind of a scary day at first, but after he got his transfusion everything started looking good again. He still looks awesome, and is doing really good.
He is doing pretty good on his bottles, he is able to drink about 10ml at a time. Then they give him the rest through his feeding tube. His oxygen is still off and his saturation is still up in the high 90's for most of the day.

He's looking good, and he still holds the title for cutest baby in the CICU.