Sunday, April 15, 2012

Who better than us

Sorry for the late post. I hit a rough patch last night when Zoey came to the hospital to visit. It stinks she can't go back to his room with us, she still hasn't seen him. When she comes we just have to sit out in the hall and play with her, then send her off crying.  I couldn't handle it last night so I ended up coming home with her for the rest of the weekend.  I think it was good for all of us. Zoey was definitely ready for some time at home with her daddy. Since Michael is fairly stable I am not so worried leaving the hospital. I know he is in good hands and he has been spending lots of time with mommy lately. He even got some of his stitches out today. I still here alarms going off in the backgroud every time I talk to Bryttney. They are slowly weening him off oxygen, so he has to adapt every time they turn it down. Hopefully we can go home without any.
I can't wait to be home and not worry about those alarms. It is starting to get scary though- the closer it gets to going home the more real it becomes. We are both ready to go home, but we will have a hard time leaving these nurses. They have been wonderful, and if there are any problems they just come in and take care of him.  I know he is a trooper and has been stable for the last couple days, but it's scary to think that we are taking him home soon.  I'm sure Bryt is totally comfortable with it, she has been more confident than me through this whole experience. She just has this calm about her, she just knows everything will be ok. I am at the other end of the spectrum, always thinking about the what if's and the why's and the how's. Together we will be able to handle it, but it's starting to get a little more real each day.
When we first found out about our baby's heart condition, we both broke down with sadness and worry. After coming to terms with it and seeing all the wonderful blessings this was bringing our family, we were grateful for the opportunity to raise such a special little spirit. It sounds weird to be grateful for such a thing, but after thinking about it- who better than us? We have a stable home full of love and an amazing support system. We will both do our best to give both of our children the best life possible. I'm sure there will be plenty of challenges, but that is just part of life.  Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!