Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Introductions

Today the ban at the hospital was finally lifted and we were able to take Zoey there so her and Michael could meet for the first time. I was so excited for today and maybe even felt a little anxious as the morning rolled along. We all got up early and showered so we were all cleaned up for Michael. Zoey picked out a few balloons for her brother, and no I didn't realize we were being so patriotic. She picked a white star and an Elmo balloon. Then I picked out a blue star for him. Now we had red, white, and blue.

She's been at the hospital before and loves riding the elevator up and down. She loves looking through the glass railings at everything below, and she even loved washing her hands at the sink in front of the CICU. She did not understand that this time she was allowed to finally go through the door. We took her in and got her screened for any illness and she got her first red apple sticker. She likes taking mine off when we get home and putting it on her own shirt. We all had our stickers on and we went to see Michael. Jaron lifted her up and right away she was excited and knew he was her baby Michael. She held his hand and gave him a kiss on the head that was too quick to catch on camera.

She became bored pretty quick because for some strange reason her four week old brother was just laying there not being very entertaining. We turned on a movie for her and got her some juice while I held the baby. I'm so excited to get the chance to do this in the comfort of my own home. The nurse brought me his bottle to feed him (he's still practicing the suck and swallow for drinking since he's only gotten to do it for a few days). He has a swallow study on Friday to make sure it's not going anywhere but his belly. Zoey was interested in watching him eat and watching mom hold him but she was still very bored so we weren't able to stay longer than a couple hours today.

Jaron goes back to work tomorrow morning and me and Zoey will be doing some preschool activities at home. Me and Jaron will take turns spending the evening with Baby Michael and Zoey and sometimes she'll just tag along to hang out with her brother. Looking forward to eventually coming home with my baby. Can't wait for that moment that could be near or far. I love my babies!