Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On The Move

We had Michaels OT (Occupational Therapist) come over today. Everything is going great! It's nice having these women come over that can show me what things are looking like. We think Michael is teething which is crazy. I didn't say anything to her but she was playing with him and saw the white buds under his gums. Dang. During her last visit she brought her reflux seat with her. Michael wasn't too sure about it at first but now he's loving it.I got out one of the bigger toys to put in front of him and he is kicking non stop. He gets a pretty big smile going.

We also have him working on tummy time. She was thrilled to hear that he's rolled over and gave me a few new positions to put him in to work on physically. She's letting us keep the reflux seat a bit longer which Michaels thrilled about I'm sure. He's now 13lbs 2oz. His weight gain is great and he's getting stronger by the day. This little guy has a lot to live for.

Tomorrow we see his Physical Therapist. He gets a chance to show off his new moves.