Sunday, May 6, 2012

Don't get too comfortable

It's been a pretty busy week for us so far. I have been working 6am-2pm and then going home and picking up the girls. Then we are all coming to the hospital to see Michael. Zoey is starting to ask to go to the hospital now. She has been so amazing through this whole thing. It's so cool to see her learning and putting things together. She still doesn't understand what's going on, but she knows we talk about the 'hopspippal' a lot. Michael has been doing really good this week. He has all his IV's out, and he is off oxygen. The only thing he has hooked up to him is his feeding tube. Which we will most likely go home with.
Yesterday morning we got up early, did a few chores and them came to the hospital for the rest of the day. All the nurses still say he is the cutest guy around, and they all love holding him.  He has been doing really good again so they are starting to talk about sending us home. They gave us a feeding pump for him and gave us a quick run down of how it works. Now things are starting to get exciting and scary. We have to stay the night at the hospital for the next day or two and learn how to take care of him ourselves... We have to give him his meds and lean how to work his feeding tube. If it comes out.. We have to know how to put it back in... Something neither of us are very excited about.  I already miss our nurses from the CICU, they were so good! 
So tonight is the night we came in to start learning how to do everything.  We spent the whole day with Zoey. We went to the park, we watched a baseball game, and we cleaned the house. Then we took her to Gramdma's house for dinner and spending the night.  She was bummed to see we were leaving as usual. But we spent a long time cuddling her and getting her ready for bed. She did really good when we left.
On the drive down Bryt and I talked about the future and how excited we are to have our family back on a somewhat normal path. We talked about having more kids and how crazy this whole thing has been. Right when got here his alarms were going off. His heart rate was all over the place and was nowhere near the normal Rhythm. Usually he has a couple premature atrial contarctions (PAC) every couple minutes, but he was having so many of them the monitor couldn't even tell what kind of rhythm he was in. His heart rate was going from 150-170-200, it was bouncing all over the place. A couple nurses came in and checked it, then they went out into the hall and called the doctor. Bryt and I are kind beside ourselves. We were just so excited and happy to be able to bring him home. Now his heart rate is all over the place and looking like it could flip into flutter again.  Ug... I am getting burnt out on this up and down business.
The Doctor came in and told us she h was looking over his charts. She said this irregular rhythm started just after his dose of meds was due. He might just be very dependent on this medication and start an irregular rhythm the second it starts wearing off.  They might need to up his meds again tomorrow. Looks like he is going to be here a little longer still. I would rather have him be here doing this than at home though. It's just exhausting getting excited then scared, then excited, then scared. For the moment everything seems to be back to the way it was. He is back in a normal rhythm and sleeping in mommy's arms. The new dose must have just taken a while to kick in. 
This almost sent us into breakdown mode. I feel like we have been doing really good, but this was close to causing a nuclear meltdown. I really want to eat something now.. something delicious