Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Straight and Narrow

Michael is staying strong and holding on tight to his "balance beam". We have had a week of check ups and appointments that have been great. We met with Michaels PT and OT on Tuesday. They don't have any concerns with him right now and just want to continue monitoring him on a regular basis. His OT left him some new toys to play with that should help with his teething. This boy chews on everything! He is going to be the kid that puts everything in his mouth. I'll need to keep a closer eye on him than I did with Zoey. She never got in to anything. Michael likes the new toys but Zoey Loves the new toys. I just found three of them in her room. She'll be heart broken when it's time to give them back. We are also teaching him to play peak-a-boo. His OT was having a blast!

  Trying to get these two kiddos out of the house while they are both clean and before Michael soaks his outfit in spit up is a mission. Today we were able to complete this mission and arrived at Childrens in Aurora. We had a check up with Michaels Cardiologist. Walking through those doors brings back so many emotions. While sitting in the waiting room I watched as a nurse came in to update a mother waiting on her daughter to get out of surgery. The nurse said everything went well and that she would be able to see her daughter soon. It's so hard to watch these parents sit in the exact same place we sat just three short months ago. I came out of a very happy check up and still walked down the hall crying.

Michael is doing so well that they are going to wait for another three months to have his next follow up. At that time they will take him off his aspirin and his lasix. His Cardiologist also mentioned that whether Michael is able to make it another 6 months or another 6 years before his next surgery is still a mystery. If he is able to make it to 6 years without needing the surgery then they will probably decide to go through with it at that time. Michaels risks will be much lower than they are now. The gradient behind his Mitral valve is looking better than last month but we still need to keep a close eye on the right side of his heart and his lungs to make sure the pressure doesn't begin to build up again. There is still some leakage through the valve which means that another Valvular Plasty (ballooning the valve open) is pretty much out of the question. Too much leakage could make him really sick. I was advised that Michael is a candidate for a monthly RSV inoculation which is called Synagis. I'll be taking him into his pediatrician once a month for this to keep his risk of catching this virus low. They also recommended getting his flu shot once he turns 6 months which will be on Oct 3rd. After the appointment his Cardiologist asked if he could go show him off. Michael was so happy to be seen that he was grinning from ear to ear. I was able to see his arrhythmia specialists and even the woman we met that gave us our walk through of Childrens while I was still pregnant. It was great watching Michael spread so much cheer.

I have such an amazing family. These two kids have been threw a lot. Zoey still doesn't understand a lot of it but I have to say she is just as strong as Michael. God has blessed me with two little soldiers.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Count Your Blessings


There has been nothing but change lately. It's hard for me sometimes because some of the changes aren't the things that I would expect. If it's unexpected then how do you prepare? I feel unprepared most days. Unprepared for the day and what it holds. The day may hold something wonderful, waiting to announce itself. It may also hold something that brings out a lot of thought and emotion. No matter what the day may hold I hold something better. I hold my head up high. Sometimes I hold my head too high and I am stuck in the clouds all day. No matter what the change I know that I am being watched over and blessed. Thoroughly Blessed. I thank God every day for everything I have. If you could be in my head while I say my prayers then you might actually hear me say thank you for the silverware. I thank him for everything that may someday not be there. Everything most people (including myself) may take for granted.

Most all of our blessings lately have been coming from the people surrounding us. I feel that God has worked through so many people, bringing them to us when we need them most. I don't think I've ever felt so needy in my entire life. Not that it's a bad thing. It's alright to have needs. With so many on my list what do I cross off first. I feel like I need to make a new list of needs today. My family and my friends. Those are my needs. With them by my side I can accomplish absolutely anything. I thank God daily for my family and friends but I want them to know personally just how thankful I am for them. It's hard to show sometimes because most people know I can cry at the drop of a hat, so instead I hold it in. I thank them in my head and then again in my prayers. They have given us so much hope and so much faith.

Today I am thankful that I woke up with my children by my side and that I didn't need to plan, like before, for my daily trip up to Children's Hospital. I got to see them together watching a movie on the couch. I want them to be as close as I am to my brothers and sisters. I am so excited to watch them grow and hope that one day they will think of themselves as best friends the same way I think of my brothers and sisters being my best friends. I love you guys - words can't express how much.