Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3 weeks

 Michael is 3 weeks old today! This little guy has been through a lot in this new life. He got moved to another room today, I think that is number 10 for us. There is a lot of construction going on and they had to move some people around to try to minimize the noise.  There is still plenty of banging and grinding noises though. It doesn't seem to bother Michael, he is just looking around curiously. It is so nice to see his eyes so open. The doctors are slowly weening him off of everything, he is doing really good still. There is still some debate on whether or not they will need to intervene soon. Our cardiologist is fairly optimistic and thinks he can make it a while on this Amiodarone. A couple of the other doctors are still a bit cautious and think they may have to intervene sooner than they would like. Bryt and I think he is doing good and will be ok on this for a while. It does sound like a pretty nasty drug so the sooner he gets off it the better, but they are not planning on keeping him on it longer than a year. Hopefully his heart will grow enough to change the way this mitral valve works. It is looking like he will definitely need another surgery though. They are just hoping it is a couple months/years down the road. They basically want him as big as possible, if he can make to 5 years, that is wonderful! If he can make it to 10 months, that is still high risk, but it's still better than 3 weeks.
We are not thinking about any of those surgeries in the future though, we are here with him today and he looks great! There still does not appear to be any end in sight, but we are not in a hurry. He is here and being taken care of by a great team of people. His oxygen got bumped down to three liters and they are going to try switching the cardiac meds from IV to oral.  I got to hold him and rock with him for a bit today. That was nice, he was pretty calm for the most part but then started getting uncomfortable. I'm still a little freaked out to to hold him because of all the tubes he has. I can't wait until he is off everything again.