Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Aching Back

One of the only pains you'll ever love to feel, the pain in your back and shoulders from a bouncing baby boy. Michael is that boy and he LOVES to jump. The only thing is, he wants to jump on your lap, while you hold onto him. In comes the pain at the end of the day. This boy has every reason to be held non stop through out the day, so he is (mostly). He loves playing on the floor and trying to follow Zoey and me around but he is still pushing backwards. It is so rewarding to see him laughing and playing and doing everything that other baby's his age are doing. He's started on solid foods and is the messiest eater in the world. This makes it even more fun to watch as Zoey tries feeding him. The tug-of-war begins. I have to intervene, Michaels grip is a good one. This boy doesn't give up easily (I know he never will). Zoey loves to feed her brother and she also loves to scare him. It's one of her favorite things to do right now. Pretty much every time Michael begins to make sounds, she copies him - louder.

Zoey has had some great time with her cousins lately. She had a spend the night with my brothers kids and I realized again how much she needs to get out and play. This morning we walked over to Teeny Greenies which is a little consignment store by our house. A friend from church invited me and I am so glad she did. Every time I saw the sign I'd thought it was a marijuana dispensary. She laughed and told me that it's much better than a dispensary and it's children based. They have story time Tuesday mornings and crafts and cookies Wednesdays. It was so great to get out and let Zoey run. She of course brought her stroller as well so about half way there I loaded her and her stroller into our double stroller as she was too tired to continue. We were blessed with good weather on our walk and had a lot of fun visiting and playing with our friends.

Michael has two teeth now and is still on his way to crawling. I am so excited that he is going to experience his first Thanksgiving and his first Christmas this year. Our families have so many traditions during the holidays that I cannot wait to begin. He gets to be in the pictures to. I feel so blessed to have our family together during the holidays. We will have both of our kids with us the whole way. No traveling back and forth from the hospital. Just the warmth of our own home (and grandma & grandpas of course)

The holidays are upon us! Let the festivities begin!