Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back to Work

Today was my first day at work since April 3. Michael has been at the hospital for the first month of his life. It was a nice change going back to work. There were some new people there and everyone was pretty happy to see me. It was nice to see people and start to have a normal routine again. I got there at 6 and left around 3. I was pretty exhausted by the time I got home. I ate a bowl of cereal and then off to the hospital we went. Bryt drove and I slept most of the way here. 
When we got here they had moved him out of the CICU and up to the normal cardiac unit. He also had his scalp IV out! He looks pretty good today. The lighting is a little different up here, so he looks a little bit different color. His hair looks like it might be red... I can't really tell though. this room is a lot more private and the nurses aren't as quick to come shut off alarms. He keeps bending his arm with the PICC line in it and pinching it off. That builds up the pressure in the line and it starts alarming. Bryt and I are becoming pretty familiar with everything, so that alarm does not really worry us, it's just annoying. 
Zoey is doing much better being here today. She is a little more into Michael and not as bored. She likes climbing on the bench and looking out the window. Michael is taking things slow and steady, he is eating about 40ml at each feeding and keeping it down. That is a really good sign, his goal is 70ml. I think he is still gaining a couple grams a day, but not sure. He is slowly moving forward and making us proud. He has been flutter free for a week and a half.