Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Movie Time

Zoey woke up this morning wanting to watch a movie with Michael. We were able to go see him this afternoon and she had me turn on a movie right away. The hospital rooms have a tv in each room with certain movies available on demand. She chose the Bee Movie. She sat right up and put her hands out for Michael. 

During the movie she got curious and started examining her baby brother. She was watching his feet move and looking at his arms. She knows his owie is on his chest and points to it. They both fell asleep on me and I was able to take some pictures of us sitting together. My heart is so full of emotion for my children.

Jaron and I worked hard last night trying to get our Thank you's done for those that have helped us in so many different ways. I found the perfect picture of Michael and we had so much fun working together until it was just right. We are so full of gratitude for the people around us. Our families and friends have gone above and beyond to help us in whatever ways possible. Someone popped into Michael's room yesterday to ask permission to have him in a movie she's making. She had my permission and took a couple pictures of my strong little man. Recently a video was made and put on you tube for supporting children with cancer. She got the idea from that and is putting together a video for Cardiac Kids. She's using the Biggest Loser theme song "Proud". I hadn't heard the song yet but last night cried while listening to it. She's going to email me the link to the video as soon as she's done and I can't wait to post it for you!