Sunday, February 10, 2013

The RSV Virus

Jaron and I switched spots for the weekend and for me it was so needed. Zoey kept asking if Michael was going to be ok and she wants to see him so much. It's hard explaining why she can't see him other than because he's sick and she'll get sick or she'll get him more sick. I came back today to a whole new baby. He was all over the place! He is a ball of energy. When I left Friday night he had still been sleeping all day and night but I guess he just needed a good ole' dose of dad. The nurses got a play mat for him to crawl around on and he loved every minute. We keep hearing how cute he is and how happy he is and it reminds me of how lucky he is to have this energy. A lot of cardiac patients never will. Most kids that I've read about with Shone's Complex have troubles playing because of how winded they get. One story that I've been following had me in tears because after her 4th surgery this 6 year old girl climbed up a ladder for the first time to go down a slide at a playground. Amazing.

Michael hadn't seen Jaron for about 5 days so when Jaron came in Friday night Michael was smiling from ear to ear and a little in disbelief. At first he'd just woken up when he'd heard Jarons voice. He looked up at him and layed back down. It must've taken a moment for him to understand that he actually did just see his daddy because he shot right back up and had a huge grin on his face as he started reaching for Jaron. They had fun but our weekend was cut short by a blow out poopie. Michael covered Jaron so we needed to switch back just a little while ago so Jaron could shower. The antibiotics are definitely in full effect and fighting hard against these viruses. The nurses are supporting him through and cheering him on every day.

His lungs are clearing up slowly and his oxygen was almost completely weaned. On just room air alone his SATS are still only catching between 84-88. We need them in the 90's so they are going to bring it up again a little to see if they can get what he needs.

This kid is a crack up. He got two new blankets that had been donated and he's loving them.They are super comfy and he's finally snuggled up asleep in them. Thank you to those that donate what you can. You are wonderful and will be truly blessed in return.