Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Big One

Happy Birthday to my little heart warrior. It has been an amazing year. He made it through stronger. He has been showing great amounts of strength and energy these last few months. After he conquered the RSV virus he's been showing how tough he is. I was able to drive to Utah for a week to see my sisters and friends and was able to attend a beautiful wedding in Salt Lake. I had the two kids with me and they did surprisingly well on the drive to and from. I was definitely nervous about taking Michael that far away from Children's but also realized that he is doing amazing right now. I need to take advantage of these moments because I know it won't always be this easy. He had his first bloody nose while we were there and the only thing he was actually crying about was that I wouldn't let him down to play. I needed to get the bleeding to stop so that it didn't make a mess and to make sure that his blood thinners wouldn't play a part in excess bleeding. It eventually stopped and because he wanted down so badly we both had a good amount of blood on our clothes. 

Even with all the mess that made, he was able to make a bigger mess with the chocolate cake I made him on his First Birthday!

We had a great time at the park with our family celebrating his life and how far he's been able to carry himself. I made sure that after we sang "Happy Birthday" I sang out "and MANY MORE!"

On the day of his birthday (4-3-2013) he decided it was time to start climbing the stairs, turning around to get off the couch by himself, and I successfully switched him to regular milk. No More Formula!!! YAY!!!! He's still not too fond of sippy cups but I'm working on that as well.

Having this year come around was emotionally overwhelming. Looking back on this past year is hard to do. Knowing all that we've overcome and all that we will yet overcome makes me feel a little stronger and a little more proud of myself. 

We have Michaels next Cardiology follow-up on April 15th. We're praying for a good visit and that everything will look ok. During our last visit they mentioned taking Michael off his medications and putting him on another heart monitor for a month to see how he does while being off of them. We'll see how his echo goes and what they decide to do. I am definitely looking forward to removing the medications from our schedule. Wish us luck!