Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Wubbanub

The Wubbanub that saved our lives! Michael had a complete melt down tonight. And while Michael was doing that, Zoey decided to have a complete melt down. For all of you that know, Zoey has been glued to her paci since two days ago. Everyone talks about the "Easy Button", well, that was mine. It was nice seeing her so easily satisfied. If she ever reads this blog then she will then find out that this is what I'm doing when she asks for her paci;

Zoey "Where is my paci"
Me "I don't know. Where did you put it?"
Zoey "I don't know. It's hiding from me"
Me "Oh man! Silly Paci"

* End of Conversation *

How nice, right? Until that moment. That moment that was tonight. Poor Jaron was alone with them for almost an hour. By the time I arrived home he handed me the baby and escaped to his office. For this reason I now know why the Ostrich buries its head, it's to muffle the sound around him. 

There has been a lot going on lately. We've been trying to spend more time with Zoey, doing the things that she enjoys. We were invited up to the Runway Grill to watch the planes practice for the airshow the next day. It was great. Zoey loved it. Michael didn't appreciate the fly by's the way we did. 

We were also invited to see some horses. I was so excited to see Zoey loving on these horses. Michael was thrilled! Zoey, not so much.

I've been taking some random pictures lately so I thought this would be a good time to post them. I don't take pictures to just hide them in the dark. At least I hope that's not what they're doing.

Michaels Morning Cocktail

Head - Shoulders - Knees and - Hey! Where'd your toes go??

Eating Grandma for dinner. I mean, Eating at Grandmas FOR dinner. 

I hope you enjoyed! Thank you again so much for all those following our story. We miss our friends from the daycare so much and can't wait to have Zoey back with her friends. We are still being shown so much kindness from friends and family. You will all be in our hearts forever.