Sunday, May 20, 2012


This weekend was wonderful. It was long, but quiet. We were hoping for Michael to be 'boring' this weekend. That was how our Cardiologist put it. We are so glad that his medications have his arrhythmia contained and that this weekend was 'boring'.

My sister came to visit from Utah and we were all so excited to see her. She stayed with me at my house and we got to catch up on everything. We were so busy talking at one point that I hadn't realized Zoey getting into my makeup. Isn't she fancy? My sister also got to visit Michael and see him for the first time. He's been looking so good. Every once in a while he still looks a little pale but we mention it to the nurses every time we're concerned. I think they're aware that I am extremely paranoid since he's been back in the hospital. We're both terrified and excited to bring him home again. I'm going to be busy sanitizing again and preparing his area in the living room for his arrival hopefully sometime this week. I'm not sure how big the monitor will be, I'm just glad we're going to have one. He's eating almost his full feeds by mouth as well so hopefully we'll be able to take him off the feeding tube soon as well. 

Visiting with my family this weekend was so much fun. We have been so blessed to have our parents and our siblings so close. Even those that live out of state make such an enormous effort to help and support us throughout this time. I wanted so badly to bring Michael out and show him off. It's so hard to know that I have this adorable baby waiting for me so far away. I wish I could put him in my pocket and take him everywhere I go. This afternoon I took a little outfit to the hospital so I could take pictures of the handsome little man. I hadn't thought about the IV on his arm but his nurse was so sweet and helped me stretch the sleeve of the onsie over his IV and then do the same with his button up. He is such a stud. He weighed 9lbs as of yesterday morning and it shows in his cheeks. I had a little picture time with him and he cooperated for the most part. I'm so excited to get pictures printed and sent out.