Monday, April 23, 2012

Looking Good

Michael is doing really good today. They are slowly weening him off things as each day goes by. He is up to his goal feeds this morning and steadily gaining weight a gram at a time. He is still having some extra beats every once in a while, but the Amiodarone appears to be working and keeping him in a normal rhythm. He has been pretty active this weekend, we were able to hold him, and help give him a bath. He is finally off the CPAP machine. He looks so much better without that crazy rhino mask on. We are very happy he is doing so well.
This weekend was a big weekend for us. On Friday they had told us that he was slowly trending down and if he did not make any improvements this weekend they would have to intervene. They told us even though he was still looking ok, each day was not as good as the last. They said there was only so much medication could fix and the arrhythmia might be caused by something they physically need to repair. Since his heart is still so small, all of the options they have are extremely risky.  Our cardiologist was very comforting but very straight forward. He told us they were considering three different surgeries and all of them had high risks of complication or death.  After hearing that we were both a bit upset and had to come to terms with the possibility of Michael not making it.  The good news is he did great this weekend and did not go back into the arrhythmia. We have not talked to our doctor yet, but we both feel pretty confident about him starting his recovery again. He looks great and his numbers are all good. They took him off one of his cardiac medications and will continue to slowly ween him off things throughout the week.