Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Awakening

Sounds like the title to a scary movie to me. It's like being woken up from a dead sleep with a rush of adrenaline that lasts only for a minute, which is about how long it takes me to realize that Michael is awake. again. Its been going on for weeks where he wakes up in the night screaming. Usually a bottle pacifies him, but what about when the bottle stops to help? Or when he's already had a bottle and he isn't hungry? Well, about 3 or 4 times a night this is how I wake up. The screaming continues as we go down the stairs, into the kitchen, and as I make the bottle while holding him (most of the time), and until the bottle reaches his mouth. After talking to both his therapists and his pediatrician we've decided that he needs to begin to learn some self soothing techniques. This means we need to try having him put himself to sleep and instead of the bottle in the middle of the night I try to sooth him without it. So far its about 30 min of screaming and sleeping patterns before I give in and get the bottle. I'm getting better though!

It is wonderful to say that Michael was able to experience his first Thanksgiving! I was so happy to have him there with us, sitting in the highchair next to the table. I bought a little jar of turkey dinner mash so that he could have a proper Thanksgiving. As you can probably guess a jar of turkey dinner mash tastes like poo so in reality he had half a baby spoonful and that was the end of that.

Thanksgiving weekend was full of surprises and so much fun with family. Both my sisters that live in Utah were able to come out and My sisters husband met Michael for the first time. Thanksgiving also brought the flu. It swept through our family like the plague. Not trying to jinx him or anything but I think Jaron is one of the only ones that didn't catch it. Michael threw up a few times and in the middle of the night woke with a fever of 103.6. His heart rate was around 160 and he was kind of breathing funny so we made the decision to take him the urgent care just to be cautious. Like we could've guessed it was just the bug passing through and like any other baby we treated him with Tylenol, Motrin and Pedialite. The Cardiologist that came to urgent care to see him was so happy to see her "boyfriend". The last time she saw him he was failing with respiratory problems caused by his arrhythmia. She was shocked at how big he'd gotten and said he was cuter than ever (which is so true). After telling everyone that Michael had the flu the rest of the family fell with a similar fate, one after another.We're finally feeling better and moving on to Holiday #2 - Enter: Christmas!!

Zoey's 3rd Birthday is next week! December 10th - We are so excited!! I gave her a few party options thinking she could get a present related to the theme that she picked and in the end she chose a princess party. Ha - This scared me a little at first. After being on Pinterest for about a day searching different things I think I have a really good idea of what we can get set up for her. I'm excited to celebrate my first baby's birth. I've been thinking about how wonderful life was after I had her and how we were able to conceive such a beautiful little girl. We were told shortly after we were married that we had very small chances of having children. We now have the most amazing two children. We've been gifted with two of the most beautiful angels. Zoey's getting smarter by the day and Michael is already crawling and now eating solid foods. It's so much fun just to sit back and watch them grow. I'm so excited to celebrate Zoey's life and what all her life has brought us.