Friday, October 26, 2012

Heart Felt Moments

Beautiful children. We are so blessed with our beautiful children and everyday we get to spend with them. A few weeks ago a little girl went missing from our neighborhood. Jessica Ridgeway. I didn't know her and I lived less than a mile from her house. So did the boy that killed her. I've been hugging my kids so much tighter and giving them more kisses than ever. We have been praying hard for her family and friends and for all those that were involved and are now involved in this case. We've all been faced with trials but the hardest trial is the one her family is now facing. My heart goes out to them and wish that they may have peace of mind knowing now that she is safe and smiling down on them with love at this difficult time.

Your prayers pulled us through our most difficult times. There is no way to say thank you enough. I only hope that I can help others the way everyone else has been helping me. We've received some amazing gifts from some amazing people and I want to give a shout out to them. Thank you so much! You know who you are! We are so thrilled to have so many amazing people following our story and keeping us on a steady path to recovery.

 Michael had a Cardiac update and is doing well after being released from the hospital again. His smile gets bigger every time I see him. He has a brand new tooth and is not quite sure what to do with it. We've been working on eating (it is a messy task because he wants to feed himself). His heart monitor will be off in the next few weeks and he is going to love having it off again. We've had to give him breaks in between changing the leads and stickers on his chest. He's got new battle wounds that heal slowly. They're hard to see and not feel pain for this little guy.  

Our Heart Soldier Marches On!

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Common Cold

We were spending Saturday night at my brothers house. Zoey and Michael both had colds and Michael had been extra fussy the last few hours we were there. Michael was crying and coughing so hard that he began to throw up. They think he might have aspirated some of the throw up or he had a few apnea spells where he stopped breathing for a few minutes. Needless to say I was terrified. I put him in his car seat to take him to urgent care but he started doing it again. All the color left his body and he went limp. My brother quickly called 911 and I went with Michael in an ambulance to Children's Hospital Aurora.

The ambulance driver did an EKG on Michael and printed it out for me to see. He said "you can probably read this better than me now". He might have that right. The EKG looked pretty good which made me feel confident that we were dealing with Michael's cold and not his heart. We soon arrived to the emergency room at Children's. Once inside Michael's nurses came to his rescue. There must have been six or seven people surrounding him all laughing and smiling at this cute little boy. Sometimes I think he just misses his nurses and needs a good dose of attention. He's big enough this time to fit into a hospital gown. It is absolutely adorable on him. Jaron and Michael's uncle Miah showed up shortly after. I'm pretty sure Jaron was driving just as fast as the ambulance. All of Michael's vitals were good although his heart rate was a little elevated. They began trying to get an IV in which if you've read our earlier posts you know it's next to impossible. They again poked all over and finally got one. Michael was so angry and it was so hard to watch him be so upset. We were told shortly after that they were going to admit him and keep him overnight for observation. I had a sinus flare up from freaking out and because of my cold symptoms I wasn't allowed in the unit with Michael. Jaron went up with him and began the stay on the 9th floor in the CPCU.

The Champ is back. Michael is being a little trooper. He is so strong. The nurses have to deep suction him with a suction tube that goes down his nose. His congestion and cough are so bad that they are also testing him for Pertussis (Whooping Cough). Pertussis in infants and baby's under 6 months can be fatal. Michael isn't showing severe signs of this and we are still waiting for the results. They are going to keep him until at least Tuesday morning. Jaron is working from the hospital and I am staying home sick with Zoey. We are finally starting to feel better but there is no chance I'm bringing any sicknesses into that hospital. Those kids are going through enough.

Thank you again to everyone who has been helping us and keeping us in your prayers. Hopefully Michael will be home again soon. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hurdle Jumping

I think I've finally gotten a hang of this blog thing. I changed it up a bit and made it a little bit more fun for me. You'd think after almost 100 posts I'd be a pro but I still feel like such an amateur.

We've been super busy lately. I feel like my head has exploded and now I'm the one in charge of picking up the pieces. It's hard to find your head when you don't have one. I have so much on my mind right now that I'm going to try to make this post as organized as possible. With that being said, lets start at the beginning.

We have so many people following our story. Our journey that is not only Baby Michaels life, but Zoey's, Jaron's and mine as well. This journey is not a short one, and it's in no way easy. I can tell you that it is so, So worth it. Is it horrible that I question it sometimes? The what ifs? I don't like looking back at what we've been through. I've tried a couple times reading some of the earlier posts and I can't get through the first paragraph on any of them. Every time I go to select a picture to add to my new posts I see this picture of Michael. This picture is so hard for me to see. I've been trying to work up the nerve to post a then and now. To show people what this baby has conquered. He's changed so much and has become so much stronger. We all have. I never in my life thought that I would be sitting in this spot telling the world of the everyday hurdles that I jump over. Sometimes the hurdles are taller and catch me totally unprepared, but I get up, dust off, and start running again.

A couple of weeks ago our clothes dryer went out. Our family has been wonderful and has worked with us on getting our laundry done. It brought me closer to my parents. I was able to spend that time enjoying my parents playing with their grandchildren. I also got the opportunity to "Google" how to clean a washing machine after finding a diaper had been in the previous load. Not fun. We finally got enough money together to find one on craigslist and I am in laundry heaven! I've done about ten loads in two days. Hurdle one - Cleared

About a week ago our microwave decided that if the clothes dryer was going, then it was going to. It's hard not having the convenience of an instantly warm meal. Warming up leftovers on the stove is not really my forte (they burn quickly). I'm getting used to it though and don't see us getting a new one soon so I've sucked it up and decided to pretend it's not there. So far so good. Hurdle two - Cleared, but messy

And now, The kids are sick. They've picked up the cold going around. There was no way to hide from it. Keeping them locked in the house is just cruel, and believe me, Zoey lets me know when we've been inside too long. Michael is losing his voice and Zoey is coughing and sneezing. This morning it was worse so I decided to call the nurses line which of course led me to Kaisers waiting room. Ears, throat and lungs are clear on both. We are just working on the congestion which leads us to continue on what we were already doing. Hurdle three - Mid jump.

I've become a photobucket junkie. For those of you that haven't been on that site it's awesome!! It makes all my pictures look awesome! Well - to me. Last week I was able to take my youngest brother up to Chautauqua in Boulder. I got some great pictures and it was so much fun getting out of the house. I didn't even have the kids with me! That is still a rare occasion.

Michael has been eating his rice cereal once a day and he loves it! Starting tomorrow we go to two times a day. I'm hoping this helps with his reflux. I can't tell you how important it is to have a working washer and dryer when you have a baby with reflux. We also get to see his Physical Therapist tomorrow and he loves getting that play time with her. We get to show her his new trick. He throws his hands in the air when he hears "Champion!". It's hilarious!

He is my champion. I am so proud of my family. We have overcome so many obstacles and run in to new ones every day. A big thanks to everyone that has given us a boost over these hurdles. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. We love you <3