Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Giddy Relief

It felt like the calm before the storm. Waiting outside for Michael again. This procedure was not as invasive as his first surgery. I don't know if anyone slept well last night. I was able to hold him and cuddle him for hours last night. I decided to fall asleep with him in my arms but felt a twinge of guilt because I knew he'd get a better nights sleep in his crib. I changed my mind and laid him down so he could get the rest he needed before his big day.  

I couldn't fall asleep and even after I did I kept waking up hoping that maybe some time had passed. It was finally 6:30 this morning that I woke up and knew he'd be going in for his procedure soon so I wanted to hold him for as long as I could before they rolled his bed out. I went and lifted him up realizing that they had him on an IV drip  that attached to the other side of his bed and the cord wouldn't reach to the chair. NO! I broke down and cried of course. Not being able to hold my little man before his procedure. They would have had to move a lot of things around for me to be able to hold him so instead I stood by his bed and cradled him in my arms right there. I kissed his head and sang him a song and the doctors started coming in to talk everything over with us. It happens so quick.

After everyone was on the same page and all our questions were answered they began to get him ready for his short ride down the hall. The nurse was quick in prepping him to go so I was able to hold him for a few minutes before they came to get him. He was wide awake and looking around and smiling. It was so great. I knew he was going to be alright but that didn't make the waiting any less difficult. I was so excited to see him awake and colorful and healthy. I still am! He's letting the anesthesia wear on as long as he can. It's already 8pm and he's just now starting to wiggle around. 

They keep the breathing tube in until he's fully awake to make sure he's going to breathe on his own before they remove it. They just have it on room air with a little pressure which is they're last step before removing it. He doesn't like it at all. He tries to cry out but I can't hear him. I'm keeping a close eye on him so that when he moves I can go to him and pat him to make him calm again. He's doing so good. 

We had some of our family waiting with us at the hospital to make waiting a little easier on us. He went in at 7:30 this morning and we weren't able to see him until about 2 this afternoon. The doctor that worked on Michael in the CATH lab came in to check on things and you could see him glowing. I've never seen a doctor so proud of his accomplishment. This procedure had to have been a big one because everyone was congratulating him and patting him on the back. It was great to see his doctors so happy and successful. The prayers that were said in their behalf worked miracles. God truly guided their hands and inspired them in their actions. The doctor doing the procedure wasn't sure if he should go up one last size for the last balloon but he felt impressed that he should do so and it was wonderful that he did. The back up pressure behind the valve has been as high as 13 and 14 which is really high. When he's been relaxed it's been as low as 7 and 8. After this procedure the pressure is all the way down to a 4! Outstanding!! I feel absolutely giddy!

This unfortunately doesn't mean that he won't need another surgery because he will. This just buys us the time he needs before he has to go in. The valve still needs to be replaced but the older he gets and the more weight he gains lowers the risk of that operation by a lot. This will allow his body to grow without the fluid backing up to his lungs and in turn harming them. We look forward to see him gaining weight and growing. This little guy is meant for some big things. Look Out World!

Thank you everyone so much in for being with us through this time and helping us push forward and keeping optimistic. Our prayers for Michael have all been heard and answered so many times over. This last Sunday my family and friends fasted for him and this procedure. Next Sunday we will be fasting for our gratitude and Michaels quick recovery. We welcome those that would like to join in and thank you again.