Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Wubbanub

The Wubbanub that saved our lives! Michael had a complete melt down tonight. And while Michael was doing that, Zoey decided to have a complete melt down. For all of you that know, Zoey has been glued to her paci since two days ago. Everyone talks about the "Easy Button", well, that was mine. It was nice seeing her so easily satisfied. If she ever reads this blog then she will then find out that this is what I'm doing when she asks for her paci;

Zoey "Where is my paci"
Me "I don't know. Where did you put it?"
Zoey "I don't know. It's hiding from me"
Me "Oh man! Silly Paci"

* End of Conversation *

How nice, right? Until that moment. That moment that was tonight. Poor Jaron was alone with them for almost an hour. By the time I arrived home he handed me the baby and escaped to his office. For this reason I now know why the Ostrich buries its head, it's to muffle the sound around him. 

There has been a lot going on lately. We've been trying to spend more time with Zoey, doing the things that she enjoys. We were invited up to the Runway Grill to watch the planes practice for the airshow the next day. It was great. Zoey loved it. Michael didn't appreciate the fly by's the way we did. 

We were also invited to see some horses. I was so excited to see Zoey loving on these horses. Michael was thrilled! Zoey, not so much.

I've been taking some random pictures lately so I thought this would be a good time to post them. I don't take pictures to just hide them in the dark. At least I hope that's not what they're doing.

Michaels Morning Cocktail

Head - Shoulders - Knees and - Hey! Where'd your toes go??

Eating Grandma for dinner. I mean, Eating at Grandmas FOR dinner. 

I hope you enjoyed! Thank you again so much for all those following our story. We miss our friends from the daycare so much and can't wait to have Zoey back with her friends. We are still being shown so much kindness from friends and family. You will all be in our hearts forever.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On The Move

We had Michaels OT (Occupational Therapist) come over today. Everything is going great! It's nice having these women come over that can show me what things are looking like. We think Michael is teething which is crazy. I didn't say anything to her but she was playing with him and saw the white buds under his gums. Dang. During her last visit she brought her reflux seat with her. Michael wasn't too sure about it at first but now he's loving it.I got out one of the bigger toys to put in front of him and he is kicking non stop. He gets a pretty big smile going.

We also have him working on tummy time. She was thrilled to hear that he's rolled over and gave me a few new positions to put him in to work on physically. She's letting us keep the reflux seat a bit longer which Michaels thrilled about I'm sure. He's now 13lbs 2oz. His weight gain is great and he's getting stronger by the day. This little guy has a lot to live for.

Tomorrow we see his Physical Therapist. He gets a chance to show off his new moves.

Friday, August 10, 2012

No Strings Attached

August 3rd was the last day of Michael wearing his heart monitor! We're able to mail it back to Children's and continue with his regular follow ups. WOO HOO! So Happy! Michael is doing great. I took his monitor off the Saturday before for a bath and put on new clean stickers and that Monday he had spit up so much that his top right sticker began coming off. When I peeled it off I found weeping blisters underneath. I cleaned them and let them dry and scab and was so afraid to put the stickers back on. No way was I putting new stickers on open sores or scabs. I got a message the next day that the 3rd was his last day on his monitor and to send it back. YAY!

We've been showing him off to everybody and he's starting to show his playful personality. He loves laughing at Zoey and she loves making him. These two were definitely paired together for a reason. Yesterday he was sitting in his reflux seat that the therapist is having him use, Zoey went and grabbed the bumbo and sat in it right next to him. Her legs actually still fit in it. Skinny but Tall. She is so good at keeping him company that she reminds him constantly that he is sleeping too much. She does not like when he falls asleep during her favorite show so she wakes him up again to finish watching it. It's funny watching the two playing off of each other already. They're already great friends.

Taking him out is sometimes hard. He only lasts in the stroller for about 15min before he starts to get upset and walking him upright for too long affects his circulation and his hands and feet start turning purple. It's scary but the cardiologist has assured me that it's nothing to be concerned about.

Zoey's starting to grow up so much faster. She is such a big helper. She loves to kiss his hands and feet and use the same paci that Michael is using. I just stopped that the other day because Michael has been congested and I can't let it get worse. The pediatrician told me to just keep doing what I'm doing, which is the normal stuff for congested babies. I still feel like it's not enough so I'm washing things left and right.

She has also stopped sleeping. Not altogether but naps aren't happening anymore. That's a huge change for me. I miss her nap time/my alone time. She'll fall asleep at 7 some nights and wake up at midnight wide awake asking for food. She also stayed up until 11 the other night because at 10:30 she decided to have a tea party. We had fun and she slept great after she was done with her tea. I got the crack down on it though. I just got her room cleaned and her bed made and got her new sheets and a Minnie Mouse pillow case she is so proud of. She fell asleep at 9 last night and slept in her own bed half the night. Michael slept in his crib. It's so hard not having him in the room with me but I slept better which his cardiologist told me was most important. He told me that it's time to stop treating him like a cardiac baby and to start getting him (and us) back into a normal lifestyle. I didn't realize how hard it was going to be for me to stop treating him like a cardiac baby. Am I always going to be treating him different or will I get used to it and come to terms with it? He's growing wonderfully so his dietician said to stop counting cc's during his feeds and just let him take what he wants. He's now 4months - 12lbs 13ounces - 25inches long And - he rolled over for the first time! He's done it twice since!

This month on the 19th is our 6 year wedding anniversary.  I am so thankful to have Jaron in my life. He makes everything better. He has given me so much and I feel that he is my equal. I need him more than I can sometimes admit. I like to show my strengths but sometimes my weaknesses shine brighter. He's always been there for the hard moments to pick me up. He has given me the greatest kids and helps me remember that sometimes it's ok for me to still act like one as well. He brings meaning to my life every day. I love my sweets. Happy anniversary babe.