Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Speed Bumps

Last night Jaron and I had so much fun. We were able to go see The Avengers and it was Amazing! We had so much fun together. Laughing releases a lot of stress. And so does an action packed movie.

This morning I headed up to Children's with Zoey. She woke up wanting her baby Michael so I got her ready and headed up to Aurora. We walked into Michael's room and about 6 people were standing around him. I thought it was rounds, where they come in and discuss updates, but it was actually because Michael had gotten sick over night. They took an Xray this morning and he had more fluid build up on his lungs. He was breathing really heavy and his oxygen levels were down. They upped his diuretics to drain the fluid and flush him out again. They also put him on oxygen to help him breathe easier. This unfortunately was not caused by his arrhythmia, and we're guessing when we had rushed him back in a week and a half ago that it wasn't his arrhythmia then either. His mitral valve is still to tight not allowing proper blood flow to the body. This in turn backs up fluid to the lungs, which backs up into the right side of the heart, which was causing pressure issues there this morning as well.

Another echo cardiogram was done and sent to our cardiologist. He went over the information gathered with his team of colleagues, which include our surgeon, and the Dr that works in the Cath Lab. This is now where we make a decision. The doctors will all think over night regarding Michaels condition and decide what the best move from here will be. The least risky so to speak. We believe the Cath Lab is the next step depending on what the surgeon feels. He's been in Michaels heart and he's seen the valve. He knows what we'd be working with.

During all of this I had a very energetic little girl and a fussy baby that both needed attention. Zoey didn't take a nap for me today and Michael finally fell asleep after a few hours of Zoey.

She wanted to hold him like this... 

And she wanted to cover his mouth when he'd cough

And she jumped up and down really fast to make him laugh

And finally towards the end of the night we got to see some fish. She sat quiet for about three minutes. Then she looked through a magazine with me and found some perfume she liked and ripped out a piece of the page to carry and sniff. By the time we got back upstairs she was so tired she rubbed her eyes with her perfume covered hands which burned. Poor girl. Daddy washed her up and we got her out of there. She was so ready to go home. Jaron is spending the night tonight with Michael. We both felt that one of us needed to stay with him. I'll head up first thing in the morning to get a jump start on what seems to be a very long and busy day. Sweet Dreams.