Friday, October 26, 2012

Heart Felt Moments

Beautiful children. We are so blessed with our beautiful children and everyday we get to spend with them. A few weeks ago a little girl went missing from our neighborhood. Jessica Ridgeway. I didn't know her and I lived less than a mile from her house. So did the boy that killed her. I've been hugging my kids so much tighter and giving them more kisses than ever. We have been praying hard for her family and friends and for all those that were involved and are now involved in this case. We've all been faced with trials but the hardest trial is the one her family is now facing. My heart goes out to them and wish that they may have peace of mind knowing now that she is safe and smiling down on them with love at this difficult time.

Your prayers pulled us through our most difficult times. There is no way to say thank you enough. I only hope that I can help others the way everyone else has been helping me. We've received some amazing gifts from some amazing people and I want to give a shout out to them. Thank you so much! You know who you are! We are so thrilled to have so many amazing people following our story and keeping us on a steady path to recovery.

 Michael had a Cardiac update and is doing well after being released from the hospital again. His smile gets bigger every time I see him. He has a brand new tooth and is not quite sure what to do with it. We've been working on eating (it is a messy task because he wants to feed himself). His heart monitor will be off in the next few weeks and he is going to love having it off again. We've had to give him breaks in between changing the leads and stickers on his chest. He's got new battle wounds that heal slowly. They're hard to see and not feel pain for this little guy.  

Our Heart Soldier Marches On!